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Medical alert systems provide emergency tracking in and out of home. They are created to signal an emergency needing urgent attention and to call emergency medical workers. They can alert family members and caretakers. When the medical alert system is set off, a signal is sent out to an alarm monitoring system. The scenario is then assessed and if needed medical workers are dispatched or relative are called.

MobileHelp ®

MobileHelp ® was the very first business to offer medical alert systems which run outside of your home powered by nationwide cellular network and do not require landline phones.

MobileHelp Duo Medical Alert System

MobileHelp’s medical alert systems consists of the integration of across the country cordless voice, information and GPS innovation, allowing for real-time monitoring, location tracking and sped up personal emergency assistance throughout the 50 United States. *.

MobileHelp – Wearable Help

An essential central part of medical alert system is the HELP button. With MobileHelp’s medical alert systems a single press of the aid button right away sends out an alarm to a 24-hour United States based emergency situation call center where an operator will have instantaneous access to the user’s fundamental case history and emergency contacts. The assistance buttons used by MobileHelp can be used as a pendant or on your wrist are water resistant and can be worn at all times.

MobileHelp Solo Medical Alert System

MobileHelp’s mobile Medical Alert Systems, (Duo and Solo), use GPS technology. GPS innovation, (Global Positioning System), is a space-based navigation system that provides accurate location and time information based on satellite signals. This allows our emergency call center to identify your location and direct medical responders to you.

A current advance in medical alert systems has actually been the introduction of fall buttons. Since 2013 MobileHelp’s medical alert systems provide fall buttons1 as an option. Fall buttons instantly detect falls and activate an emergency call. MobileHelp was the very first medical alert system with fall detection available to users without landline phone service.

MobileHelp’s innovation powers most of mobile medical alert systems on the marketplace. Our systems were the first FDA-registered mobile medical alert systems readily available and included our 24/7 U.S.-based response and monitoring group to guarantee every consumer gets the help they require.


* Service accessibility and access/coverage on the AT&T network is not available everywhere and at all times.

1Fall Button ™ does not identify 100% of falls. If able, users must always press their assistance button when they need help. Fall ButtonTM is not intended to change a caregiver for user handling serious health issues. MobileHelp ® is a signed up trademark. Trademarked technology. MobileHelp ® is a FDA registered Medical Device Manufacturer.


Why Medical Alert Systems with GPS tracking offer higher safety

Usually, the first concern a 911 operator asks when an emergency situation is reported using a cellular phone is: “what is the location of the emergency?”. The time taken to ask this question and respond to it can lose valuable seconds that a GPS system like MobileHelp can conserve!

MobileHelp’s Duo and Solo medical alert systems supply GPS tracking through the patented mobile phone. In an emergency situation, GPS tracking can identify your place, which allows emergency assistance to reach you quicker. In an emergency every second count.

Having GPS tracking is a significant benefit which MobileHelp medical alert systems provide for calling 911 from a mobile phone. A lot of 911 centers identify a mobile caller’s place based on innovation that was presented 20 years ago before the cellular phone was equipped with GPS. Numerous 911 centers figure out the caller’s position based on which cell tower is in use. Pinging a cell tower does not allow 911 centers to determine your location, it only enables 911 to approximate your area.

Presently, 70 to 80 percent of emergency calls are made on cellular phones. The Federal Communications Commission estimates that a one-minute enhancement in 911 action times for mobile callers would save more than 10,000 lives each year. Source Fox News December 28, 2016

MobileHelp provides GPS tracking which offers faster emergency situation action.

With our GPS medical alert area innovation, MobileHelp can find you wherever you go, for safety and assurance.

  • Mobile medical alert devices with GPS technology
  • Cellular voice and data network provides across the country coverage
  • GPS satellite tracking innovation
  • Online GPS medical alert area mapping in the event of an emergency
  • Closest offered emergency situation responders dispatched to your location
  • Direct voice contact with highly trained emergency situation response operators